Healthy massage therapy

high-quality, healthy, scientifically based massage +

Andrew Sague Home Massage Clinic with a calm private environment and surprisingly affordable prices

  • Muscle tension from sedentary
  • Too much sport
  • Stress at work


  • Based on the knowledge of medicine – a former MEDICAL DOCTOR.
  • Fully licensed and registered.
  • I will find the root of your issue and advise how to get rid of it.
  • No one will leave without a clear understanding of the path to recovery.
Andrew Sague Massage Clinic


Pain, severe muscle tension? Press the button on the right and you will receive not only high-quality massage therapy but also a full range of exercises and recommendations, including an evaluation of your condition by an expert. And the prices for the first visit are 10% lower.


Feel great and really like a massage? Click on the button on the left and get a gorgeous relaxation massage at a nice price that is 10% cheaper for the first time.

Special discounts for older adults

I offer a special program for older people (62 years and above) that will allow them to receive a series of therapeutic and relaxation massages at low prices. Click the button above and get an unprecedented discount.

Massage therapy is good and healthy when used regularly. That is why I create conditions for regular visits by reducing prices and discounts for regular clients

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direct billing is now available


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Book a healthy massage therapy

There are several ways to book a massage in my clinic for every taste. Just choose the most convenient for you. Read more about massage booking >>>