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Massage Therapy Home-Based Clinic is located in Chaparral Valley in the South-East part of Calgary.

I provide a quality based on science massage treatment that includes a range of services, which are described below. You can see my prices here. More information about my clinic can be found here. Details about me are described here.

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Healthy massage therapy

Swedish massage

All-purpose relaxing massage

Whenever you hear the word “Massage” it usually means “Swedish massage“.

Relaxation, stress relief, reduction of fatigue and muscle tension, uncomplicated lower back pain, and much more are common indications for a Swedish massage. If you do not know exactly which massage you need, start with this one.

The word “Swedish” is used traditionally, although this is not quite right.

I believe that this is the main and the best massage for pleasure and simple therapeutic purposes. All other types of massage therapy, to varying degrees, use the techniques of Swedish massage.

Hot Stone Massage

Excellent massage with bright sensations

Hot Stones Massage

This is usually a combination of basic (Swedish) massage and hot stones. It provides a more vivid sensation massage, as long as you like hot stones. Generally, guarantee greater relaxation.

The stones themselves are polished oval-shaped pieces of basalt, measuring about 8x5x3 cm (3x2x1 inches). They are heated in a special heater to the desired temperature of approximately 47 – 57 C (120 – 135 F). After that, they are either applied directly or indirectly to different parts of the body or used dynamically – moving through the body.

At my massage clinic in Calgary SE, hot stones are applied at the request of the client and do not increase the price.

Deep tissue massage

Healing and catching massage

There are many varieties of deep tissue massage as well as many founders. Initially, this type of massage originated from Ida Rolf’s Structural Integration. Literally, every inventor came up with his own approach and his own theory.

Deep tissue massage is an integral part of therapeutic massage, which focuses on specific affected areas of the body and takes into account the development of pathological conditions.

Theories aside, deep tissue is a combination of basic (Swedish) massage and special techniques performed with higher pressure.

Deep tissue massage is powerful, gives very interesting sensations, and is great if you like firm pressure and have massage sessions on a regular basis.

Sometimes after a deep tissue massage, especially the first sessions, slight acing sensations may be felt. This is normal and they will gradually disappear.

At my massage clinic in Calgary SE, this type of massage is performed at the client’s request and is not charged additionally.

Andrew Sague Massage


Some like it hot

Cupping Massage Therapy

The main application in cases of individual muscles and muscle group tightness, when along with general relaxation we need to focus on particular areas. Despite the fact that the scientific justification of the method is very superficial and incomplete, it’s still a great feeling.

There are static and dynamic cupping. Usually used together and in combination with a basic (Swedish) or deep tissue massage.

Orthopedic assessment

Find the root of the problem

In cases of musculoskeletal pathology, the first session should include an orthopedic assessment. This is a variety of actions, that include: collecting a medical history,
making special orthopedic tests, determining the range of motion, observation, palpation, etc. In the end, the results will be discussed and recommendations will be given.

It may take 10 to 40 minutes. The remaining time can be used for massage.

And many, many other massage modalities…

…with the exception of pseudoscientific theories and approaches.

I do not practice and do not recommend pseudoscientific unproven methods such as osteopathy, Graston, IASTM, Bowen technique, Feldenkrais method, and so on.

Despite the optimistic statements of their supporters, the effectiveness of these approaches has not been identified or proven.

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