therapeutic massage

Therapeutic Massage

the trusty way to improve your condition

  • Neck and shoulders tension after sitting facilitation.
  • Lower Back Pain.
  • Postural deviations.
  • Musculoskeletal disorders corrections.
  • Post-traumatic recovery and much more.

In my –Andrew Sague Massage Clinic you can get a qualitative improvement in a number of muscles, tendons, and ligaments ailments through therapeutic massage. This means that when you leave the clinic, you’ll be able to move through your day with ease—or even tackle some new activities that may have been off-limits before.

and not only massage therapy but also
  • An analysis of your case and recommendations on how to significantly improve your condition: exercise, stretching, nutrition, etc.
  • Valuable advice on the next steps for the healing process: where and to whom to apply, what exactly you need to do, what examinations are needed, and much more.

I want to give you the tools you need so that your body can do everything it was meant to do!

The problem is that many clients simply do not understand what exactly they should do to get rid of their problems.

Therefore, they either do nothing, allow the ailment to get worsen, or spend time on chaotic visits to rmt, chiropractors, and physiotherapists.

And no one is coordinating these actions.

Therefore, a clear understanding of what is happening to you, and the reasons why it happened, is extremely important.

This will make it possible to learn what needs to be done – the way to improve your condition.

Come to my massage clinic and I will give you this understanding and a clear path to healing.

If you feel great and have no problems with the musculoskeletal system, try my relaxation massage – another part of massage therapy.