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  • Calculation of the optimal heart rate for cardio training

    Once again, we note that this series of articles is designed for people of middle and old age, with an average and low level of fitness, who want to improve their health through physical cardio training. Previously, we discussed the importance of cardio training for maintaining overall health and highlighted the significance of monitoring heart […]

  • The Significance of Heart Rate Monitoring in Physical Training

    In the previous article, we discussed the importance of exercise for maintaining health and reducing excess body weight. Moderate-intensity aerobic physical activities with controlled heart rate (HR) are considered the most effective and beneficial. Now, let’s explore the various methods used to control HR during physical activity. How to register heart rate? Until recently, the […]

  • Do Humans Need Physical Activity? And Why?

    Truth #1: Exercise is essential The human body developed under specific conditions requiring a certain level of physical activity. To ensure a normal and fulfilling life, it is essential to maintain this level. Insufficient physical activity, such as prolonged sitting in an office, leads to detrimental changes in the body. This results in a decline […]