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Website home page. First page.

About me

Information about me. Who am I, where and what did I learn, and what I can do.

About my Massage Clinic

What is my clinic, where is it located, how is it structured, and what exactly I can do in it.

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Current rates for massage

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Different ways to book a massage with me. Just choose the one that is most convenient for you.


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Massage Services

Some useful information about what types of massage I perform


A complete list of all the discounts that I currently offer. You can choose what suits you.

Your First Visit

A detailed description of what you will encounter on your first visit. This information will help you easily understand what to do.

About Therapeutic Massage

A little about what exactly therapeutic massage is

About Relaxation Massage

What is a relaxation massage? What is the difference from other types of massage?

Help pages

Additional help pages that clarify a number of my client’s questions.

Useful articles from my blog

Differential Diagnosis of Major Types of Headaches – An elementary diagnostic algorithm designed to assist students and novice massage therapists in identifying the three primary types of headaches.

Neck and Shoulder tension and pain – Comprehending the origins of muscle tension in the neck and shoulders and mastering effective techniques for its alleviation. Tailored for clients and students seeking a comprehensive understanding.

Lower Back Pain – An insightful perspective on the issue of lower back pain in the workplace (still at work).

Exploring Structural and Functional Changes in Musculoskeletal Disorders – Understanding the essence of two key pathological processes in the body: structural and functional changes. For massage students.

Explore four enlightening articles designed to deepen your understanding of cardio training, providing guidance on its proper utilization and offering insights to steer clear of potential cardiovascular issues.

How to Relax During a Massage – To maximize the benefits of your massage session, incorporating active relaxation can be transformative. Consciously relaxing both your body and mind during the massage can amplify the therapeutic effects, enabling you to attain a heightened state of relaxation. For Clients.

Relaxation and Relief from Stress – Explaining emotional stress in simple terms and ways to get rid of it.

About exercises for the Abdomen – Understanding the importance of abdominal exercises and a guide on how to do them effectively.

Aromatherapy in the practice of a massage therapist – A slightly humorous article about aromatherapy. Fragrances are beautiful and pleasant, but you shouldn’t put into them what they don’t have and make a pseudoscience out of it.

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