Questions about massage

What is massage?

I’m not going to write long and useless texts about massage. Traditionally, from book to book, the authors rewrite the same thing, multiplying the same mistakes.

Let’s put it this way: massage is cool!

Wikipedia has a good article on massage.

Massage therapy is a place where so many mistakes have taken root. Unfortunately, even in massage colleges, some of these mistakes are carefully planted in the minds of students.

It is these considerations that should be taken into account when choosing a massage therapist. If you need a complex therapeutic massage – look for a knowledgeable specialist. If you are looking for a relaxation massage, then look for a skilled one.

In my massage clinic, in Chaparral you will easily find exactly what you need.

How to choose the right massage?

Choice by type of massage

  • If you do not have problems with the musculoskeletal system and want to relax, then choose a relaxation massage.
  • If you have pain in the muscles or ligaments and you know exactly what it is and why and want to act on it, choose therapeutic massage.
  • If you have pain in the muscles or ligaments, but you do not know what it is, then choose orthopedic assessment and therapeutic massage.

Choice by the duration of the massage session

One-hour massage

A short but quite complete general massage. Or a combination of a general relaxation massage and a therapeutic massage of one or two specific areas of the body (for example, a general massage focused on the neck and shoulders).

90 minutes massage

A complete general massage for deep relaxation. As well as a combination of relaxing massage and therapeutic massage of several areas of the body.

Two-hour massage

The duration of the massage session of two hours is intended for clients with experience, who know exactly what they want. In the absence of experience, the such duration can cause soreness in the muscles after the massage.

What types of massage are there?

There are a lot!

Massage therapists themselves are often confused about this. But there is a simple way, if we distinguish tree main directions of massage:

  1. Relaxation Massage and
  2. Therapeutic Massage
  3. Sports Massage

Relaxation Massage is designed more for pleasure and general well-being. You are healthy and want to keep it up. This massage is for you. Read more about it here >>>

Therapeutic Massage is dedicated to treating, or rather helping in the treatment of certain musculoskeletal ailments. Often this type of massage focuses on a specific area of the body. This is a kind of boring massage. More about therapeutic massage here >>>

Both directions are united by the similarity of massage techniques.

Everything else is a variation of these two directions. Plus a variety of effects.

The same applies to sports massage. In fact, these are variations of the first two. But the variety of massage strategies in sports and the need to adapt massage for different sports make it possible to distinguish this direction into a separate group.

Be careful with new-fashioned massage systems. Usually, these are untested and scientifically unproven things. Most of them are based on the same massage techniques. However, prices are actually higher.

In my clinic, you can always get advice on such methods and avoid unnecessary expenses.

The massage services I use can be seen here >>>

What about deep tissue massage?

Initially, it was a variant of therapeutic massage (see above). However, the meaning and goals of deep tissue massage were formulated not quite clearly. And they changed over time.

However, deep tissue massage provides very interesting sensations and often clients ask to use deep pressure in a relaxation massage.

Very Strictly speaking, deep tissue massage is not a regular massage with deep pressure.

Learn more about deep tissue massage in my Services >>>

What was at the beginning of the deep tissue massage >>>

What is myofascial release?

This is a very popular idea in recent decades about the dominant role of fascia and connective tissue in musculoskeletal disorders.

No one disputes the role of these tissues. The question is what is more important muscle or fascia?

This is one of a number of philosophical questions, such as what came first chicken or egg.

But the problem is – over the past 50 years, no clear evidence has been presented in favor of the fascial theory.

Looks like fake.