Questions about massage clinic

How to get an appointment?

I take clients by appointment only.
There are many ways to book an appointment. To do this, go to the booking page and choose the desired method.

Some help with the Booking process is here

What is my Massage Clinic location?

My massage clinic is located in Calgary Southeast in Chaparral Valley. It’s near Walden, Legacy, and Wolf Willow.

What is my clinic like?

This is a home-based massage clinic situated in the basement of my house. The territory of the clinic is separated from the rest of the house, so none of its inhabitants interferes with the massage session.

My massage clinic allows me to effectively perform both therapeutic massages, which require a preliminary examination and assessment, and also relaxation massage, which requires a calming environment, music, aromas, etc.

A home-based massage clinic has its advantages and disadvantages, but it is important that this kind of organization allows you to get a massage cheaper, and also provides more privacy.