Professional Therapeutic Massage

Feel the tension in your neck and shoulder muscles, the ache in the lower back, or the burden of stress. Seek relief and rejuvenation by indulging in my professional therapeutic massage.

My massages are meticulously chosen to meet specific needs, considering individual symptoms and signs. When required, I conduct orthopedic assessments to ensure a comprehensive approach.

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Home-based Massage Clinic

My massage clinic is located in Charparl Valley, Calgary SE. It is fully equipped to provide high-quality professional massage services. Because it is a home clinic, you will savor a serene and private environment without the presence of crowds, queues, or noise.

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Andrew Sague Chaparral Massage Clinic

Massage Prices


60 min

85 CAD

Simple affordable and versatile full-body massage. Suitable for focusing on one area of the body.


90 min

110 CAD

The highest quality and balanced massage. Great for addressing multiple areas of the body.


120 min

130 CAD

Long-lasting massage with maximum relaxation for true and experienced massage adepts.

Keep in mind that the initial massage session comes at a considerably lower cost.

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Andrew Sague Therapeutic Massage


Multiple booking options are available for your convenience. Currently, I suggest the easiest method: send an SMS to 403-616-1601 with your preferred date.

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All you need to know about your First Visit

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