Do Humans Need Physical Activity? And Why?

Truth #1: Exercise is essential

The human body developed under specific conditions requiring a certain level of physical activity. To ensure a normal and fulfilling life, it is essential to maintain this level. Insufficient physical activity, such as prolonged sitting in an office, leads to detrimental changes in the body. This results in a decline in quality of life, the onset of various diseases, and premature death. Therefore, it is evident that meeting the necessary level of physical activity is crucial for a high-quality life.

Truth #2: Not all Physical Activity is good for you

Not all modern forms of physical activity offer equal benefits. For instance, weightlifting primarily focuses on increasing strength and muscle size, which may be unnecessary for some individuals. While we won’t delve into the details of various exercise types here, subsequent articles will address this topic more comprehensively.

For those who want to learn more about different types of physical activity right now, there are numerous useful resources with a lot of useful information.

Additionally, certain forms of physical activity can be excessively strenuous, while others, such as weightlifting mentioned earlier, may prioritize goals that do not necessarily contribute to overall well-being. Therefore, it becomes evident that appropriately dosing physical activity is of paramount importance.

Truth #3: Cardio and aerobics are great for the body

Numerous scientific studies have consistently demonstrated that physical activities aimed at enhancing the cardiovascular system are highly beneficial, particularly those within the aerobic range that rely on oxygen for energy production.

These physical activities stimulate the body functioning at rest but at a higher intensity. Known as cardio training or aerobics, they involve low-to-moderate intensity exercises that engage multiple muscle groups and increase oxygen consumption. During this phase, there is a significant fat ‘burning’ effect, which positively impacts body weight.

Cardio activities include walking, swimming, cycling, skiing, etc. They also include running and some team sports, such as soccer or hockey (however, in games, the physical activity level is often far from average intensity). The choice of cardio training depends on the general condition and preferences of the individual.


Summarizing all three truths, we can draw a key conclusion.

Moderate-intensity aerobic exercise, when properly dosed, is essential for a long and high-quality life.

This also raises a number of questions, the answers to which are given in subsequent articles:

  • What kind of physical activity is the most beneficial?
  • How to practically correctly dose physical activity?
  • How can one properly monitor and control the level of physical activity while performing it?



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