What is Modern Massage Therapy?

Massage therapy is a complex of special manual contact techniques designed to manipulate both soft tissues and the human body as a whole.

Many different methods and areas in massage therapy have been developed. They differ in the type and nature of the techniques, and the depth of impact on the tissues. These methods are based on various theoretical ideas and concepts.

However, the practice of massage therapy shows that none of these methods and none of the areas has a significant advantage over others.

Moreover, some massage methods have not passed the time test and proved to be ineffective. Despite this, they continue to be used in everyday massage therapy practice.

This means that only a scientific approach to the choice of massage methods guarantees the result.

Currently, in practice, there are two main areas of massage therapy.

One of them is a general relaxation massage. Often this area of massage therapy is called “Swedish Massage” or “Classic Massage”. This is exactly what we mean by the word “massage”.

This type of massage provides effective relaxation of the entire body, sedation, improves sleep and mental health, and helps fight stress.

Another area is de facto therapeutic massage, i.e. massage focused on specific, usually affected, areas of the body.

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70 cad

1 hour duration

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But if you are new to a massage clinic, read this first.

How to choose the right massage

If you do not know which massage to choose, follow the recommendations below.

The duration of the massage for the first time depends on its type. 

1. For relaxation, start with one hour of light to medium-pressure massage. After you get used to the massage, you can increase the time of the massage session up to 90 minutes and even up to 2 hours.

2. If you want a massage focused on specific areas of the body, choose a 60- or 90-minute medium or deep-pressure therapeutic massage. Be sure to let your massage therapist know that this is your first time. Sometimes, after a deep tissue massage, you may feel soreness. This is normal and usually goes away quickly.

3. If you have pain in your neck, back, lumbar, or anywhere else as well as limited mobility in the joints, it’s best to start with an assessment. The massage therapist will take a history, performs an examination and special tests, and determine the cause of the pain. This will help to choose the most optimal tactics and plan. So book a 90-minute massage and let the massage therapist know you want to have the assessment done.

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