Want a cheap massage?

A cheap massage (both therapeutic and relaxation) will allow you to get more massage sessions for the same money. This means more benefits and health for you. With discounts in my clinic, you can afford much more and get quality results.

Here you can see the current massage discounts in my clinic. Some of them have no time limit and come under certain conditions. Others, on the contrary, have no conditions but are limited in time. With some exceptions, massage discounts can be combined with each other.

Feel free to choose suitable discounts.

Updated periodically

First time Discount 90 min for $90

First-time massage discount. 90 minutes first-visit massage session for 90 CAD (regular price – 110 CAD)

Massage discount for older

Cheap massage for Older Adults (age 62 and older). Regular Massages (once a month for a minimum of three months) cost: 60 min massage – 55 CAD each, 90 min – 70 CAD (Regular 85 and 110 CAD). It is cheap!

Massage Students Discount

Discounts for Massage Students of any Massage Colledges. Limited time offer. It is really cheap massage!

Why are my prices lower?

One of my ideas was to reduce prices by reducing recurring expenses. I depicted this price reduction in more detail here.

The basis for this idea was that repeating regular massages are more effective.