General workout

Outside of massage therapy sessions, I highly recommend a range of general workouts to my clients. The intensity of workouts depends on a number of parameters, such as the general level of physical activity, lifestyle, physical condition, body weight of the client, and a number of others. These parameters are revealed during a massage or a special assessment.

There are thousands of sets of exercises for different categories of people. Below are some of them as an example. These are the simplest and shortest complexes for beginners. However, they give a good effect when performed regularly.

How to use it

  1. Look, understand, and try the exercises. Do not do the whole complex right away.
  2. Feel every exercise of this basic workout. Realize how easy it is to do it. If a particular exercise causes pain or discomfort, skip it.
  3. After the individual exercises are mastered, perform the whole complex. Start with a few reps.

5 min full body warm-up workout for beginners

Another 5 min warm-up workout

10 exercises for office workers. Listen to these guys or jump on exercises at 4:26

All three workouts are given as an example to feel or even try, as well as for self-education purposes. The actual sets of exercises I recommend in my clinic may differ from these.

If you have questions feel free to ask using the contact page of this site.