• Calculation of the optimal heart rate for cardio training

    Once again, we note that this series of articles is designed for people of middle and old age, with an average and low level of fitness, who want to improve their health through physical cardio training. Previously, we discussed the importance of cardio training for maintaining overall health and highlighted the significance of monitoring heart […]

  • The Significance of Heart Rate Monitoring in Physical Training

    In the previous article, we discussed the importance of exercise for maintaining health and reducing excess body weight. Moderate-intensity aerobic physical activities with controlled heart rate (HR) are considered the most effective and beneficial. Now, let’s explore the various methods used to control HR during physical activity. How to register heart rate? Until recently, the […]

  • Do Humans Need Physical Activity? And Why?

    Truth #1: Exercise is essential The human body developed under specific conditions requiring a certain level of physical activity. To ensure a normal and fulfilling life, it is essential to maintain this level. Insufficient physical activity, such as prolonged sitting in an office, leads to detrimental changes in the body. This results in a decline […]

  • How to Relax During a Massage

    When it comes to getting the most out of your massage session, active relaxation can make a significant difference. By consciously relaxing your body and mind during the massage, you can enhance the benefits of the therapy and achieve a deeper level of relaxation. This technique involves being present at the moment, focusing on your […]

  • Relaxation and Relief from Stress

    Are you feeling stressed? Let’s take a closer look and simplify it. The World Health Organization defines stress as a mental state of worry or tension caused by a difficult situation. FEAR is the basis of stress, which can be objective or irrational. To manage stress, try to identify the situation that triggers your fear. […]

  • Direct billing Information

    DIRECT BILLING IS NOW AVAILABLE! Andrew Sague Massage is happy to announce that now I provide direct billing for selected insurance companies that are part of TELUS eClaims. If you have insurance coverage I now bill the insurance companies directly on your behalf. This means that you do not have to put in a separate […]

  • About exercises for the Abdomen

    Exercises for the Abdomen are needed to achieve many goals. A beautiful belly is not the primary goal. Sitting for a long time makes the abdominal muscles weak, which causes muscle imbalances and posture problems. Weak abdominal muscles lead to anterior pelvic tilt and increased curvature of the lumbar lordosis, which can lead to lower […]

  • New booking system

    Finally, I decided to switch to another massage booking system – Yocal. Before that, I used Simplybook. It’s a great system with adequate free service. Soon I noticed that the functionality became more limited. At the same time, the Vancouver company Yocal developed its own system. A fairly ordinary product turned out to be a […]

  • Aromatherapy in the practice of a massage therapist

    Introduction In practical massage therapists’ work aromatherapy (AT) plays a certain role. AT means using essential oils, which, according to AT supporters, have a beneficial effect on the human body. Modern AT is a powerful industry with all its components: the production of natural and synthetic essential oils, theory covered in a considerable number of […]

  • General workout

    Outside of massage therapy sessions, I highly recommend a range of general workouts to my clients. The intensity of workouts depends on a number of parameters, such as the general level of physical activity, lifestyle, physical condition, body weight of the client, and a number of others. These parameters are revealed during a massage or […]