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Welcome to Chaparral home-based Massage Clinic, your personal sanctuary of relaxation and healing, thoughtfully situated in the heart of Chaparral Valley. As a registered massage therapist, I take great pride in offering a wide range of services, specializing in both relaxation massage and therapeutic massage. With a deep commitment to your well-being, I provide a tailored experience that harmonizes your body and spirit, helping you find serenity and balance.

My home clinic and business are duly registered in the city of Calgary, adhering to all requisite legal and operational standards. I maintain a well-equipped facility to ensure the utmost quality and precision in every massage session.

Chaparral Valley Massage
Chaparral Valley, Calgary SE
Andrew Sague Massage Clinic

What is a home-based clinic?

Home massage clinics, such as mine, are authorized by the City of Calgary as an officially recognized form of massage clinic. In particular, my clinic in Chaparral is situated in a specially designated area within my house, distinct from other living spaces.

This setup ensures a serene and uninterrupted experience for my clients, where they can fully relax and focus on their massage without any disturbances.

What’s Good and Bad About Home Clinics?

Unlike regular clinics, home-based clinics offer a distinctly tranquil atmosphere. Within these cozy confines, it’s just the client and the massage therapist, providing a sense of privacy and solitude that can enhance the overall relaxation experience.

In my Chaparral massage clinic, clients never cross paths, ensuring their privacy and individualized experience. Additionally, there are no lines or waiting, ensuring a seamless and prompt service.

I always reserve additional time for communication with the client, including taking a medical history, addressing any questions or concerns, and processing payment. This ensures that you will receive the full hands-on massage time without any rush and cuts.

My home massage clinic offers competitive and reasonable prices along with a flexible discount system. This makes it possible for you to enjoy more massage sessions within your budget.

Massage Clinic

What is considered a disadvantage of home clinics is often just a reflection of individual preferences. If you prioritize the added luxuries of marble counters and the presence of numerous staff and are willing to invest extra money for such amenities, then a regular clinic may be better suited to your preferences

But if the quality of the massage therapy. experience is of paramount importance to you, and the simplicity and privacy of a home clinic are not obstacles, then you are warmly welcome to experience the exceptional care and expertise that my home-based clinic provides.

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Massage Clinic
  • Address: 235 Chaparral Valley Way SE Calgary AB T2X 0X3
  • Phone: 403-616-16-01

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